We explore and connect with local people from different regions around Colombia to design unique and unforgettable experiences for travelers; be filled with our culture, customs and gastronomy.


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Paseo is a term used to describe the most typical and traditional way of having a trip in Colombia. But it goes far beyond of being a single trip. A paseo means organization, sharing, friends, family, experiences, memories, food and having fun.

Thinking of what is best, cool and easier for travelers, we put together unique and local experiences from different regions of Colombia and make our own paseos.

Check them up, reserve and be prepare for and incredible paseo.

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We want you to feel the warmness of our Feelin crew by making your experience unique, that's why our team travels with their own cars and will accompany you on the road to talk a little more about our country, our customs, and any doubts you have. Don´t be SHY…if you are interested please contact us!


We want you to feel comfortable in our cities, for that reason we have our Feelin houses, the perfect private place to spent time with your friends, feeling the comfort of our accommodations and relaxing after a full day of activities, if you are interested please contact us!

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